Certification Level 3

An individual certified to Level 3 has demonstrated competence to perform and direct NDT operations for which he is certified. Level 3 personnel have demonstrated

  1. The competence to evaluate and interpret results in terms of existing standards, codes, and specifications;
  2. Sufficient practical knowledge of applicable materials, fabrication, process, and product technology to select NDT methods, establish NDT techniques, and assist in establishing acceptance criteria where none are otherwise available;
  3. A general familiarity with other NDT methods.

Within the scope of the competence defined on the certificate, Level 3 personnel may be authorized to:

  1. Assume full responsibility for a test facility or examination centre and staff
  2. Establish, review for editorial and technical correctness, and validate NDT instructions and procedures;
  3. Interpret standards, codes, specifications, and procedures;
  4. Designate the particular test methods, procedures, and NDT instructions to be used
  5. Carry out and supervise all tasks at all levels;
  6. Provide guidance for NDT personnel at all levels

Note: The exams for certification are in Spanish

Download the Call for Certification as Level 3